3d Product visualization | BathsByClay

Interior and architectural 3d visualization for brand BathsByClay

Open spaces and polished concrete create simple atmosphere as perfect base for presenting white corian products. The colors of the light create a warm setting and adds to vitality of the interior.

| SETUP no. 1 |


002_basic_1500_pix_Large_WEB 003_basic_1500_pix_Large_WEB

| SETUP no. 2 |

Open, spacious area with independant multipurpose islands arranged around one central volume(double sinks) accentuated from concrete with warm lighting.

004_cubic_1500_pix_Large_WEB 005_cubic_1500_pix_Large_WEB 006_cubic_1500_pix_Large_WEB

| SETUP no. 3 |

007_flow_1500_pix_Large_WEB 008_flow_1500_pix_Large_WEB 009_flow_1500_pix_Large_WEB

| SETUP no. 4 |

010_Hemisphere_1500_pix_Large_WEB 011_Hemisphere_1500_pix_Large_WEB 012_Hemisphere_1500_pix_Large_WEB

| SETUP no. 5 |

The dark wood contrasts with white elements and concrete floor adding the touch of distinction to the space. Large open space and pale colors highlight zen atmosphere of the bathroom. The light that penetrates bathroom is filtered through glass blocks creating intricate details.

013_form_1500_pix_Large_WEB 014_form_1500_pix_Large_WEB 015_form_1500_pix_Large_WEB

| SETUP no. 6 |

White walls and large mirror creates feeling of spaciousness inside.

016_timeless_1500_pix_Large_WEB 017_timeless_1500_pix_Large_WEB 018_timeless_1500_pix_Large_WEB

Interior and architectural 3d visualization for brand BathsByClay

Working alongside client we created this set of images to visualize their products in different interiors.

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