3d visualization Conversion | BLACK HOUSE 

Interior and architectural 3d visualization of luxurious three level Penthouse

Kitchen/dining/living area | level 1

Design of kitchen interior expresses its identity through materials and linear forms retaining extreme purity and consistency. Few chosen design accessories used to break similar materials, textures and colors of the finishes. Separated kitchen and living areas with series of opaque sliding wooden panels rotating on an axis create intricate light filter for natural light.

0001_Black_House_BW_WEB 0002_Black_House_WEB0003_Black_House_WEB 0004_Black_House_WEB

Desire to integrate terrace into interior was achieved by using series of sliding doors.

0005_Black_House_WEB 0006_Black_House_WEB

The ample living room is reflection on the art of contemporary living. Living area that could be transformed to give its occupants privacy and isolation needed.

0007_Black_House_WEB 0008_Black_House_WEB 0009_Black_House_WEB0010_Black_House_WEB 0011_Black_House_WEB

Living area/work room | level 1

Hidden between 2 enormous emboss walls that double as 2 doors, is home office. Reduced number of materials used inside workroom to modern highly reflective carbon fibre and natural wood contrasting massive metal doors.

0012_Black_House_WEB 0013_Black_House_OS_WEB 0014_Black_House_WEB 0015_Black_House_WEB 0016_Black_House_WEB0017_Black_House_BW_WEB

Central staircase | Level 2

Usage of modern materials throughout staircase in combination with infinity mirrors on the ceilings offers unique overall sensation of neatness. Broken away with feature wall made from lego blocks, with countless reflection from the mirrors it serves as dark passage to the bright Master bedroom and bathroom.

0018_Black_House_WEB 0019_Black_House_OS_WEB

Master bedroom/Master bathroom | Level 2

To accentuate fluidity and connection between spaces areas are separated by sliding accordion doors.

0020_Black_House_WEB 0021_Black_House_WEB 0022_Black_House_WEB0023_Black_House_WEB 0024_Black_House_WEB 0025_Black_House_WEB 0026_Black_House_WEB 0027_Black_House_WEB0028_Black_House_BW_WEB 0029_Black_House_OS_WEB 0030_Black_House_WEB 0031_Black_House_WEB

Above in the sky | Level 3

This ensemble aims to create a harmonious relationship with it’s surroundings, logical transition between interior and landscape. Expressiveness of sunlight during the day and city lights by night bathes playroom in constantly changing array of colors. Coupled with magnificent view, this room is valuable asset to this penthouse.

0032_Black_House_WEB 0033_Black_House_a_WEB

Interior and architectural 3d visualization of luxurious three level Penthouse

Working alongside client as an extension of their existing workflow we created this set of images to visualize their Interior in different conditions.

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