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F_O | Residential Development | Malaysia Redang Island

Minimalist 3d archviz Interior and exterior architectural 3D visualization of luxury real-estate development in Malaysia Redang Island.

A Malaysian house, slow living concept, effortlessly decorated to evocate freshness … Like it has been risen up from the sea. Its closeness to the shore and coziness that comes from inside, tells the story of living on the edge, fully embracing the wild nature. Dynamic illumination paired with traditional Malaysian decorative elements and forms are trying to transform great amount of sunlight into dreamy, sparkly atmosphere like it is under the sea. Most of all, the color contrasts allow nature to continue to live inside the house – red volcanic rocks, green wilderness, blue sea… The client, a true lover of the sea, wanted the feeling of continuation with his obsession. 


Working alongside client as an extension of their existing workflow we created this set of Minimalist 3d archviz Interior and exterior images to help visualize their products in different conditions.

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