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byCOCOON | 3D Product Visualization 2016

Photo-realistic Interior product 3D visualization for Dutch brand byCOCOON creating brand identity


Highly influenced and inspired by Wabi-Sabi with some classic French-Italian elements, encircled by eclectic minimalism. Naturally illuminated bloomy environments are conceived to represent warm inviting spaces, dominantly light earth tones, weathered wood, and rough walls, contrasting hard and well-defined shapes of modern bathroom elements. Simple minimalist interiors resemble studio approach to product visualization, white Corian, and colored metal products are in main focus. Apart from style influence, the light was mostly used to connect setups throughout series of brand identity images at the same time serving the purpose of representing products under different light scenarios. High-intensity scorching sun invading through shutters, overexposed outside environment with shallow depth of field aim to allow tranquil warm, artistic point of interest, mostly reserved for abstract paintings or drug-induced trips.

Working alongside client as an extension of their existing workflow we created this set of Photo-realistic Interior product 3D images to visualize their products in different conditions.

By creating unique spaces we helped build brand identity for designer and brand itself.

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